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Health Insurance Through United Healthcare

Believe in a healthier you!

There are thousands of ways into the complex health care system. We're here to help make it simpler. This guide is designed to give you access to the resources and tools to connect you with the care that is right for you.



Summary of Benefits ( IN-NETWORK ONLY)
For out-of-network benefits refer to benefits summary below




  • Primary Care - $30

  • Specialist - $60

  • Urgent Care - $50

  • Emergency Room - (Subject to deductible and co-insurance)





Member pays 0% for Preventive Care Services

80% for Inpatient services, ER, procedures, etc.





  • Individual Deductible - $2,500

  • Family Deductible Limit - $5,000



Out of Pocket Maximums:


  • Individual - $5,000

  • Family - $10,000




Prescription Drug Benefits:


  • Co-payments       $10/$35/$70

  • Specialty Drug Co-payments       $10/$100/$200


For a detailed summary of prescription benefits, please click here.



Lifetime Maximum benefit – Unlimited



For a full summary of health plan benefits, please click here.



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