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Food, Ugly Sweaters, Dirty Santa, and Games! The perfect ingredients for a fun and enjoyable party to celebrate an awesome staff! The staff meeting/holiday party will be held in the conference room on December 19th from 1pm - 5pm.


The first portion of the afternoon will be dedicated to updating everyone on items that need to be addressed. Come prepared to take notes and listen.


If you choose to be a part of the following, please see Dianne and/or Becky for more information and to sign up.

  1. Dirty Santa: It's a bad day to be a good giver! In this game, it's all about getting the best gift you can get, even if you TAKE IT from someone else!

  2. Purchase a gift that is anywhere between $15 and $20.

  3. Wrap your gift well so that nobody can guess what it is.

  4. Everyone will choose a number to determine the order of participants.

  5. Player that draws #1 will go first, and so on...

  6. Before the next person opens a gift, he/she must decide whether or not to open the new gift, or steal the one that was already opened by someone else.

  7. If a participant has a gift stolen from them, they have to wait for the next turn to get it back. A gift can be only stolen once per turn and can not be stolen right away, instead one must select either unopened present or steal from someone else.

  8. When the last person refuses to steal, the game is over. Only after all players have had their turn does the first player get a last chance to swap the gift they are holding for any other opened gift. Anyone who’s gift is stolen may steal from someone else as long as that person hasn’t been stolen from yet. once all of the unopened Dirty Santa gifts have been opened and someone declines to steal a gift, the game will come to an end.

  9. Ugly Sweater Contest: See Dianne and/or Becky for rules

  10. Mug Exchange: We will be exchanging mugs filled with sweet surprises! For examples of what type of mug to get and what items should go into it, please see Dianne and/or Becky.

  11. Covered Dish That's SOOOO Delish!

  12. Be sure to bring a covered dish for all to enjoy during our party. Again, check with Dianne and Becky to sign up. Although homemade stuffing is awesome, we want to make sure everybody doesn't bring the same thing.

And there you have it! Remember, the date for our holiday party / staff meeting is DECEMBER 19th! from 1-5pm!

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