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Shannon Moretz Named William C Friday Fellow

September 26, 2017– The William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations, the flagship program of Wildacres Leadership Initiative has named Shannon H. Moretz of Caswell County to its 2017-2019 class.

The William C. Friday Fellowship is a competitive statewide program for cross-sector leaders. Friday Fellows receive free leadership training over the course of two years in locations across North Carolina including Carteret, Durham, Tyrrell and McDowell counties.

Moretz will join 23 other North Carolinians in this cohort and a network of over 200 other Friday Fellows alumni. Already a community leader, she serves as Health Informatics Manager at Caswell Family Medical Center. She has been an EMT, editor of The Caswell Messenger, and a Program Coordinator at Caswell Senior Services.

“Shannon is an important part of CFMC’s leadership team. We are very proud of her and have high expectations of what will come as the result of her participation in this important fellowship opportunity” says William Crumpton, CFMC’s Chief Executive Officer.

The program immerses active leaders in a system where they exercise leadership privileges and responsibilities. Class members gather for six four-day development seminars facilitated by core faculty and staff. Extensive reading, writing exercises, coaching and interim full group and subgroup meetings are included in the training.

“Positive change requires leadership rooted in human values, civil dialogue and full inclusion of all people. The Friday Fellowship seeks a balance between the inequities of rugged individualism and the crippling effects of social and economic entitlement.” --Abdul Rasheed, Executive Director

Since 1994, the William C. Friday Fellowship has taught and inspired more than 200 courageous leaders for North Carolina. These leaders learn to model Bill Friday’s civility, transparency, and collaboration across divergent ideas and identities. The Friday Fellowship believes leadership is a lifetime practice, not dependent on the skills, virtues or vision of any single person, but upon shared power and mutual responsibility in our varied communities and roles.

About Wildacres Leadership Initiative

Wildacres Leadership Initiative trains, supports, and convenes a statewide network of leaders to take courageous action on North Carolina’s most pressing issues through civil dialogue and by engaging across differences. Wildacres Leadership Initiative envisions a North Carolina where inclusion, collaboration, and civility create nurturing relationships that embrace difference in order to unleash our collective gifts for the continual improvement of our beloved state.

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